Learn English The Way You Want. Become An English SuperStar.

Welcome to the future of learning English. We take a slightly different approach. No grammar. No tests. No repetition. Just personally tailored conversations. Learn English the way you want, and have fun while doing it.

Why English Superstars?

At English SuperStars, we take pride in our unconventional approach to language learning. We believe that grammar, while important, can often be overemphasized in traditional education settings. That’s why we’ve made the conscious decision to not teach grammar in our courses.

By forgoing formal grammar instruction, we free up more time to focus on what truly matters – learning English in a more natural, intuitive way. Our students have found great success with this approach, expanding their vocabulary and speaking English with greater proficiency in no time.

Our Latest Updates

Overcoming the Confusion: How to Pronounce ‘-ed’ in English

Navigating the pronunciation of ‘-ed’ in English may seem like a daunting task, but with practice and an understanding of the rules and exceptions, you can overcome the confusion.

Howdy Ya’ll! An Intro to Texas English

Texas English is more than just a drawl; it’s a gateway to Texan culture. From “y’all” to savory BBQ, immerse yourself in the Texan twang. Listen, learn, and savor the vibrant history that shapes this linguistic treasure.

Unraveling the Key Differences Between British and American English

English has naturally taken on various forms, with British English and American English being two prominent variations. These dialects, while rooted in the same language, have developed unique characteristics that set them apart.

Why Immersion is Key to Learning English

Learning English can be a challenging process, and there are many different methods and techniques that language learners can use to improve their skills. However, one of the most effective ways to learn English is through immersion.